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1780s Bacchanalian Bronze plaque French CLAUDE MICHEL CALLED "CLODION" 1738_1814

1780s Bacchanalian Bronze plaque French CLAUDE MICHEL CALLED "CLODION" 1738_1814
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French original Bronze plaque.
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 A wonderful, very large and are in very good condition founding in brownish patinated bronze relief by Claude Michel "Clodion" Nancy was born 1738 - Paris, 1814. 
It shows a Bacchanalian scene.
If you think modern youth invented illegal raves in the outdoors, this proves otherwise.....
Wild Bacchanalian orgies were held in Roman Italy outdoors until the Roman authorities were tipped off by a prostitute and they force-ably  put a stop to them (300 executions rates as force-ably).
 This plaque shows a Bacchanalian orgy - the  Festival of Sacrifice: satyrs and nymphs sacrifice a goat. 
Length: about 51cm, Width: about 21cm. 
 Clodion first studied in Paris in the workshop of his uncle and the Jeans-Baptiste Pigalle. After winning the Prix De Rome, he went to study in Italy  antiquity, Renaissance and Baroque.  He worked in the same workshop as Jean-Antoine Houdon. 
 1771 Clodion went to Paris. He and his brothers formed the decorative items that have been derived from  pagan artifacts and  the Rococo style.
 In his later career, Clodion used the up and coming neoclassical style  in Paris. 
A very similar bronze relief is in the Bremen (Germany) Art Museum: details-
 Accession number/article number/Inv. Nr. 394-1957/2 (2nd article acquired in 1957)
it is referred to in :
Ursula Heiderich: Katalog der Skulpturen in der Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen 1993, S. 152-154, Abb. S. 152

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