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  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Originating Region: Europe
  • Era: CIRCA 1890

CIRCA 1890

For sale is this antique late 19th century longcase clock set in a solid oak case with highly detailed carvings and features. The clock movement has an enamelled white face with makers details enscribed. The movement offers an 8 day cycle. The bell will ring on the half hour once and on the hour for the number of hours of the day. Two minutes past the hour of the day the bell cycle will repeat itself for the number of hours of the day. The movement is in excellent condition having been professionally serviced and keeps excellent time. 
The case is constructed from solid European oak that has been assembled with timber peg joinery a technique used since the 16th century. The hood of the clock offers access to the movement from each side. The clock has been photograph working as you will see the pendulum swinging across the glass window. A very nice decorative piece that will offer a great look to your home. 

Please feel free to message or call us on 0417-718106 for any questions, to arrange an inspection or for our best cash price including delivery.  

As with all our items we seek to advance our reputation by promoting the knowledge and understanding of Antiques within the Ebay Community and will always act in a professional and honourable manner. Our items are always competitively and sensibly priced however we will always take into consideration reasonable offers. 

The Patina is rated at   8.5     (please read our following explanation of this number)

The dimensions of this piece at its widest, deepest and highest points are as follows :-

Width ..........    58cms              Depth ..........    28cms             Height ..........     240cms

 Many antiques have been inherited, passed down or onsold over the years and have therefore been subject to varying levels of care and have quite often been moved to different locations... This passage of time has led to each individual piece developing what is known as a "Patina".... In terms of antique furniture :- "Patina is EVERYTHING that happens to an object over the course of time... The nick in the leg of a table, the scratch on a table top, the loss of moisture in the paint, the crazing of a finish, the gentle wear patterns on the edges of a piece, the shrinkage in the timber, and even the fiddly lock and key... All these things add up to create a softer look with subtle colour changes, a "character" or "personality"... Patina is built from all these effects both natural and man-made and combine to create a true antique". It is virtually impossible to describe in full the patination of an antique piece of furniture...It is impossible to describe and photograph every nick, dent, scratch, shrinkage line, craze or wear pattern on an antique item but we will always attempt to describe and photograph anything that may be of concern to some buyers....What some people see as patination is seen by others as flawed.... It is for this reason that we urge you to inspect any piece that you are considering and if you are unable to do so we urge you to ask as many questions as is necessary to satisfy yourself as to the condition of the subject piece before you commit to buy.. You will find in all our descriptions that we allot each item a patina rating from 1 to 10... Any item that scores  5 and under will mean that the item is in need of major restoration.. A rating of 6 or 7 means that the item may need some minor restoration... A rating of 8 means that the piece is in excellent condition for its age while  9 and above is a superior antique.

 Buyers can rest assured that an item listed by us as being antique will definitely meet the long held criteria that an item must be at least 100 years old before it can be classified as an antique.... This is a universal criteria relied on by Antique Collectors and Dealers worldwide as well as their relevant government departments... If we list an item as being collectable or vintage then we are of the opinion that it is over 50 years old and is an antique of the future.  You will notice on all our listings that we include a date ... e.g. CIRCA 1860 or CA 1860 or C 1860.... Because it is amost impossible to pinpoint an exact year of origin for many antique pieces we must use our many years of experience  to assess the date and country of origin.... CIRCA, CA, or C for the purposes of our descriptions must be taken as meaning within 10 years either side of the date.. i.e. an item described as CIRCA 1820, in our opinion, originated between the years 1810 and 1830...

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We will always seek to advance our reputation by promoting the knowledge and understanding of Antiques within the Ebay Community and will always act in a professional and honourable manner. We travel extensively searching for the high quality GENUINE antiques and vintage items offered to you on Ebay and we deal exclusively on Ebay.... WE URGE YOU TO READ OUR DESCRIPTIONS FULLY AND CAREFULLY ESPECIALLY THE "PATINA" RATING AND OUR DEFINITION OF "PATINA"... Our pictures form the most important part of our description and for this reason they are able to be supersized so that potential buyers can form their own opinions as to the condition and suitability of the item offered. Some of the items we list are described as being "SUPERIOR".. In these instances we regard the item as being amongst the highest quality available in this type of item...Please bear in mind that an "antique" by definition is an item that is at least 100 years old. If possible we strongly advise that we help you form your opinion on any item by letting us show and describe to you in person any particular piece that you are interested in purchasing... For this reason all of our antiques can be inspected and we invite and urge you to do so... Inspections are by appointment only but we are available 7 days a week... Just message us or call Konn on 0417 71 81 06  if you wish to inspect. All our contact details can be found below.

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