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Antique Porcelain Figurine Figure Rococo Couple KPM Sceptre ????

Antique Porcelain Figurine Figure Rococo Couple KPM Sceptre ????
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Antique Porcelain Figurine Figure Rococo Couple KPM Sceptre ????

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In this auction you are bidding on an original old or older   People figure   :

-   old porcelain figure Rococo ???

- Rococo china ???

-   with stamp

- Could be a scepter temple ????

- Presumably KPM, but could also Volkstedt, Ludwigsburg, Scheibe-Alsbach, Sitzendorf or something like that ???

- Age unknown (possibly also classify latter day?)

- Height   12 cm

- in my view, very good undamaged State

I think that you can see the condition in the photo well.

More photos available on request by e-mail, with any questions (shipping, condition, price ...)   directly under my email address: Please use eBay messaging system Request!

PLEASE NOTE: Offer more old porcelain figures, people figures, animal figures, animal figure, people figure, Baroque figures, figures of children, Baroque figure, rococo figure, dance moves, dance moves, dancer etc!

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