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Antique Vintage Cold Painted Bronze Eagle in Bergmann Taste.

Antique Vintage Cold Painted Bronze Eagle in Bergmann Taste.
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Location: Billingham

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This is for a Cold Painted possibly bronze model of an eagle in a winged pose.

The item is done in the style of Bergmann

The item is very detailed the Eagles face wings and feet all very carefully done and a good likeness overall. The model is almost lifelike.

The item was bought at a good auction house and the description was an ' Cold Painted eagle'. It did not mention bronze however I asked at the auction house their experts said it's more than likely it is bronze as you can see the orange colour comming through the Eagle a clear sign it is bronze and most Cold Painted items are indeed bronze. However please study photos and mske your own opinion. At the wing you csn se the orange tinge and the base so in my opinion I believe it's hollow bronze.

I have put a 50p bit next to the Eagle to give you an idea of height around 34 mm.

Postage 3.95 as I use courier don't trust the post office. Others use global shipping.

Please see other antique and unique items I have for sale.

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