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Bumblebee Figure HUM 89 2 " Homecoming Bass Violinist " FM 1 double crown mark

Bumblebee Figure HUM 89 2 " Homecoming Bass Violinist " FM 1 double crown mark
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original Hummel figurine hum 2/89. "Homecoming, Baß violinist - little cellist" of GOEBEL

Crown brand * double Crown * Crown mark *. stamped and embossed Crown brand, manufactured before 1949

largest version of this figure.

old, original version * square Socket * eyes wide open

Make height approximately 19.5 cm. 1 (TMK 1) "Crown brand - Crown mark". Manufactured this between 1938 and 1949. The figure on the underside of the base has both a embossed, as well as a stamped factory mark 1 (TMK 1) "Crown brand - Crown mark". It is a so-called double Crown figure. Unterseitig with the Red painter abbreviation of Gabriel painter of Andreas Hale. One of the Figures of the Hummel Orchestra. These Figure was Arthur Moeller in 1938 modeled and was one of the at all of the very first Hummel figurines. Age-related, the character, mainly in the base area, is very minimal crackled. 

Goebel figure hum 89 in 2 sizes manufactured: Hum 89/1 about 13 cm high, hum 89/2 about 19 cm high. You get here thus with about 19.5 cm height largest and rarest Edition of this figure! Already in 1993 Gabriel hired forever making this figure in this large size.

In the early 60s the figure has been revised. The Boy looking at newer figures now move down the corners of the base were drafts. You purchase here are the old, original edition of this figure with rectangular base and wide open Eyes. The figure has rarely, model number needed "89/2". Newer Characters of this size have Model number "89/II".

The character is properly preserved. First Choice without any defect.

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