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Rare Antique solid bronze coll...
29d 19h 5m
Bids: 0

Old Tibet Buddhism Bronze Tige...
9d 18h 25m
Bids: 0

Chinese Handwork carved bronze...
9d 17h 28m
Bids: 0

Impressive PAIR 74cm tall anti...
29d 17h 6m
Bids: 0

antique French bronze 18th Ash...
9d 16h 39m
Bids: 0

Antique Bell C1700s
6d 14h 45m
Bids: 0

9d 13h 22m
Bids: 0

PAIR antique gilt bronze ormol...
29d 11h 54m
Bids: 0

TALL 118cm solid bronze nude l...
29d 11h 49m
Bids: 0

Victorian large bronze Desk an...
29d 6h 57m
Bids: 0

Rare Antique 19th cent figural...
29d 5h 44m
Bids: 0

29d 5h 26m
Bids: 0

bronze hollow cast lion 21cm t...
6d 4h 52m
Bids: 0

29d 2h 15m
Bids: 0

Quality 19th Century Chinese b...
29d 2h 2m
Bids: 0

Elefantenmama Sculpture with B...
29d 1h 33m
Bids: 0

signed Mene Sculpture Bronze F...
28d 22h 51m
Bids: 0

Elegant Semi Nude Bronze on Ma...
28d 19h 38m
Bids: 0

Antique vintage bronze female ...
8d 18h 41m
Bids: 0

Pair antique French Empire gil...
28d 18h 38m
Bids: 0

Pair heavy antique Baroque PEW...
28d 18h 34m
Bids: 0

Big antique French Empire gilt...
28d 18h 1m
Bids: 0

pair bronze lions
28d 17h 45m
Bids: 0

Pair antique French ormolu put...
28d 17h 6m
Bids: 0

French Empire Tole desk BOUILL...
8d 17h 3m
Bids: 0

Gilt pair antique bronze empir...
8d 16h 53m
Bids: 0

antique bronze statue Egyptian...
8d 16h 31m
Bids: 0

Bronze Figure Wolfgang Kreutte...
28d 15h 20m
Bids: 0

8d 6h 49m
Bids: 0

Goblets pair
28d 6h 36m
Bids: 0

Beautiful Bronze Retriever Dog...
28d 3h 57m
Bids: 0

Beautiful Antique Twin Handled...
4d 19h 58m
Bids: 0

Vintage European Cast Bronze O...
7d 18h 44m
Bids: 0

4d 18h 31m
Bids: 0

Bronze Statue American Indian ...
7d 18h 24m
Bids: 0

Bronze Statue American Indian
7d 18h 23m
Bids: 0

Collectible Decorated Old Hand...
7d 17h 24m
Bids: 0

7d 16h 29m
Bids: 0

bronze statue
7d 15h 7m
Bids: 0

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