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Double Fusee Grohe English wall clock

Double Fusee Grohe English wall clock
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Location: Daylesford, VIC

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This is a very special clock. I got it complete and needing extensive work to bring up to the condition it now is. The face was in poor shape so I had it restored by a specialist restorer. It was very expensive to do so but the result was spectacular. I imported mahogany veneer and repaired the case. I fitted the veneer to the front and took the clock to a specialist cabinet maker to finish it off and repair the base of the clock and veneer it. 

I imported the correct gut to redo the fusee mechanism. I removed the original springs from the barrels and removed all the old grease and buildup on them. This took several days of soaking in non toxic cleaner to do this. I used only the best oil to lubricate them and refitted them to the barrels that had been cleaned and all traces of buildup carefully removed. 

I measured out the correct length of gut and fitted the barrels to the carefully cleaned movement. I show pics of before and after cleaning. I reassembled the movement and adjusted so hands are synced and the bell rings at the correct time. I ran it for several weeks and cycled the clock till it established a correct winding and unwinding pattern so it winds and unwinds perfectly and goes for a week and keeps correct time. It stops the wind just where it should so no chance of overwinding this fine piece. A large steel pin drops in to lock it in the fully wound position.

It has sat on my wall for several weeks and I was able to track down the correct key to open the face to change the time and the bottom to start the pendulum. This clock would look magnificent in a lawyers office or a boardroom. I also got the correct size English key to wind the movement.

The German man who made it came to the UK in about 1850 and was in business until 1864. So there is the time frame for the date of manufacture. There has been no effort spared to restore this fine piece and I would like to see it installed in Melbourne or local area. I am willing to bring it within 200k of Daylesford and install it by arrangement if you prefer. I am so confident of the work done.

I am purchasing a fine French longcase clock and am selling this to finance that.  It has a 12" face 14" with frame. 18" high and 5" deep. No offers please I have had it valued and it will sell in an auction for up to $4500.00. 

I will offer its here first to give eBay customers a discount. Imagine this in the office or boardroom this is where this fine clock belongs. You of course can pick it up if you like and it is listed as pickup.

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