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French Art Deco Granite Clock & Garnitures

French Art Deco Granite Clock & Garnitures
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Location: Darlington, New South Wales

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  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Originating Region: Europe
  • Era: 1920s
  • Style: Art Deco

A French Art Deco Marble Clock Brass fittings and Garnitures . It stands 22 cms H x 30 cms W x 10 cms D The marble case is great condition with no damage or repairs but will have signs of use and age.  The front and rear doors close as they should, and the Ceramic Dial has Arabic Numerals. On the movement is the number 12240. It will strike on the hour and half, and is running well & keeping good time. Once the clock arrives after being in the transit, things can move and it may need to be set up by someone with experience. 

Please check with me if postage is required as freight will be by weight please do this before purchase. Comes with key and pendulum. 

 I sell Vintage and Antique clocks, I'm not an expert but I know enough about them to get by. If you are looking for accurate precise time keeping then look elsewhere as these clocks are 50 to over 100 years old and are not built for precision, that said they should keep good time between + or - 5mins per day or up to a week. Old clocks are like old friends you should take the time when your passing, to make sure they are going ok ( steady tick-tock i.e. in beat, not tock tock or tick tick ) if they are slightly behind or forward adjust the pendulum, or regulator thru the dial.

Pick up Newtown area free or personal delivery in 25 sq kms of CBD offered for flat rate of $35.00.



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