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Josephine Baker Art Deco Bronze Figurine

Josephine Baker Art Deco Bronze Figurine
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Location: Ocean Shores, NSW

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  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Originating Region: French
  • Era: 1930s

 Josephine Baker Art Deco Bronze Figurine for Sale. The Josephine Baker Napkin Holder/Jewellery Holder was crafted in France during 1934 and, is now more than 80 years old. The Art Deco Figurine is manufactured from a combination of Bronze and Bronze plated metal and, is quite solid; standing more than 20cm tall! The Josephine Baker Art Deco Figurine has the authentic  'Paris Art PT 417' stamped at the base. The Art Deco Bronze Figurine is offered in Excellent condition, having never been used since 1988; sitting in a Glass Cabinet Display for many, many years. (see photos)

The Josephine Baker Art Deco 'Afro-French' Bronze Figurine makes for a dazzling Show piece on any dinner table, once all the serviettes have been placed around the holders to form a skirt!

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