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  • Original/Reproduction: Reproduction
  • Originating Region: Australia
  • Era: 1930s

A unique Australian (limited production) Art deco style teapot. 

To ensure the uniqueness of our products you will own 1 of 100 teapots in this design that will ever be produced.

Many of these have been put aside for Ebay sale, however, the majority are to be sold to our many loyal retail customers throughout the Byron Shire, Northern NSW (RRP $89).

Our designs are created by the collaborative efforts of our team of highly skilled illustrators in Bangalow and Byron bay Northern NSW, who share many years of industry experience in the ceramic design trade. 


Part hand-painted under-glaze and fully hand-painted handle/lid/spout.  

Inspired by the work of British ceramicist Clarice Cliff, Circa 1930's, both light and ocean waves are combined to form the central design motif of our Lighthouse Waves teapot.

Teapot measures approximately 14cm tall, 18cm (spout to handle) Length, 8cm depth. Teapot holds approximate 500mls capacity and has been carefully constructed to ensure that it pours freely with no drips or messy overflow.


The teapot is designed in Australia and produced by Nooromason in Blanc de Chine (French for "White Porcelain from China")


From the Ming period the ceramic-makers of Dehua in the Fujian Province have achieved a fusion of glaze and body traditionally referred to as "ivory white" and "milk white."


The special characteristic of Dehua porcelain is the very small amount of iron oxide in it, allowing it to be fired in an oxidising atmosphere to a warm white or pale ivory colour. This colour makes it instantly recognizable and quite different from porcelain that appears a more straw colour.


All of our ceramic products are certified food grade and all are highly heat resistant and durable, ensuring our ceramic products will be around for many years to come!


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