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Pair of English Mantle Vases with Lords and Ladies and Roses on Backs

Pair of English Mantle Vases with Lords and Ladies and Roses on Backs
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A matching pair of Mantle Vases with Lords and Ladies on one side and Roses on the other side.  Possibly hand painted with gold detail.  Bought at auction about 35 years ago.  Both have on base MADE IN ENGLAND NO. 171 REG. NO. 665689.  Both vases are identical in pattern and design. The Registered Numbers were issued by the London Patents Office in November 1918. 'Made in England' denotes 20th century.

One has a large chip on the lip above the handle while the other has a chip on the base (not visible) and another 2 smaller chips on the lip.  The body of the vases is crazed and has imperfections such lines and pin prick holes under the glaze. The other one has a small chip on the base visible only if the vase is lifted and turned upside down.

The vases stand a proud 30cm (12 inches) and at their widest point across the belly at the handle height 20cm (8.5 inches)

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