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Rare Antique Handmade Brass Ceremonial Medicine Persian Altar Bowl

Rare Antique Handmade Brass Ceremonial Medicine Persian Altar Bowl
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  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Era: 1800s
  • Material: Brass

Rare Antique Handmade Brass Ceremonial/Medicine Persian Altar Bowl


This is a great rare antique brass Persian bowl. It was used for ceremonial or medicinal purposes as there are residues of burned substances inside the bowl, most possibly of ashes. There is the symbol of the Tree of Life under the bowl. The bowl itself is heavily ornamented and engraved. A single ring is attached to the side of the bowl. From the hand crafted uneven rim, and the type of brass alloy material the bowl was made of, this bowl is estimated to have been made at the latest around early 1800s, most probably much earlier.


Whether you are an antique collector or looking for a powerful metaphysical item, you cannot go past this bowl.


Dimensions: 9cm (H) x 11cm (Width of the bowl at its widest not including the ring), the rim diameter is approximately 9.5cm.


Condition: The bowl is in a great condition with no damage. There are marks of a burned substance inside the bowl, most probably of ashes. There is some oxidisation to the surface.

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