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Rare Vintage Chinese Imperial Calligraphy By 5 Qing Dynasty Emperor Silk Scroll

Rare Vintage Chinese Imperial Calligraphy By 5 Qing Dynasty Emperor Silk Scroll
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  • Original/Reproduction: Reproduction
  • Originating Region: China
  • Colour: Beige
  • Era: 1970s
  • Material: paper

Rare vintage Chinese Imperial calligraphy silk scroll.

The fantastic scroll features five beautiful characters written by five Chinese emperors. They include Emperors Kang Hsi (1654-1722), Yung Cheng (1678-1735), Quien Lung ( 1711-1799), Jia Xing (1760-1820) and Dao Guang (1782-1850).

The character 'Fu' or good fortune was written in red cinnabar and each was stamped with the Imperial seal and date when they were first written.

Known as Five Emperors Bringing Five Good Fortunes   (五帝赐福 the scroll was reproduced in the mid 1900's and was presented by the 76th descendant of the Chinese sage Confucius. The scroll was presented as a gift to people who attended the Confucius Ceremony in China. They were not an item for sale hence it's rarity.

Confucius ( 551-479BC) was a famous philosopher who influenced Chinese tradition and beliefs for over 2000 years.

The calligraphy was printed on rice paper and mounted on silk. It is great to be framed or as a keepsake.

Excellent condition in original box. The box has a little bit of wear.

Measurement of scroll: 132 cm x 42 cm

I have put an AA battery next to the scroll on one of the photographs. It is there for size comparison and has nothing to do with the scroll.

'Most of my collection is one of a kind. I bought the items because I liked it for myself. They were never intended to be resold. Each item has a story and when possible I hand carried in my luggage from all over the world to bring back to Australia. Some of the items have travelled a long way away and some of the items has been with me for 65 years. I am now retired and need to downsize. I will not be able to buy a similar item again and definitely not able to sell it at the same price. If you buy an item from me it most likely is the only one I have. Thanks for bidding.'

I only accept Paypal. I have a 5 business days shipping policy however if I can send earlier I will. Thank you.


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