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Stunning Original Antique/Vintage Art Deco Flame Lamp with Wooden Base

Stunning Original Antique/Vintage Art Deco Flame Lamp with Wooden Base
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Original Antique/Vintage Art Deco Flame Lamp with Wooden Base in great working order. PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING- WE HAVE TRIED TO DOCUMENT THE LAMP WITH PHOTOS AND INFORMATION TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY. WE are not experts so if you have a question please message us here. The lamp has been in long term storage so there is some dust on parts of the lamp.The Lamp Measures 79.5 cm in height by 18 cm wide at the base. Flame Glass Lamp Cover at the top is around 11 cm wide by 19 cm in height.
There do not appear to be any chips/cracks in the Flame Lamp Cover, there are some minor chips around the glass circle at the bottom where it connects to the housing (see image 12). These are very minor and have no impact on the shade sitting snug in the housing. There are a few marks/spots on the glass (see image 4).
The base has a split in the timber where the 2 colored timbers meet (see image 8). The base is very solid and the split has no impact on the integrity of the base. There is also a minor mark/chip for use of a better word on the edge of the base (see image 7).
There are a couple of other minor chips in the wooden base where it meets the stand. These are not structural and not very noticeable Overall the lamp is stunning and in beautiful condition for its age. The Lamp will be insured when posted. Postage will be cheaper dependent on your location.


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