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beautiful ,old pendants__China__dragon__carved Jade__amulet ___

beautiful ,old pendants__China__dragon__carved Jade__amulet ___
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beautiful ,old pendants__China__dragon__carved Jade__amulet ___

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Schöner, old Pendant (amulet...), China. Carved, nice and worked fine . Due to old age, good condition (see photos). The age is not known to me, comes from a collectors estate. dimensions: approx. diameter 5cm, about 0.9 cm thick . Nice, old Amuelett !

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Please note to auction here on Ebay mainly, used, old, mostly antique items. I try everything as best I can and to describe to the best of knowledge. But since I sell so many different things, I can not think of all these things that looked like a professional be (unfortunately you can not with all the familiar). I also offer the things at the way I get them myself. I repair, offer restoring and not clean the stuff. Please remember to bid on the fact that as antique things have their own history and thus their little idiosyncrasies. Especially for an old carpets that are sometimes only slightly for rug collectors and connoisseurs carpet. Normal, it is self-evident that old stuff just does not look new, but unfortunately this seems especially in the German area to expect some and criticized, for example, in a 200 year old clock, every little scratch. But this is of course only the exception and for these few, I am writing this again here to. Otherwise, there is rarely time problems and if you are by my side, of course resolved fairly and friendly.


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